"The radical leap into effective leadership for tomorrow with close cooperation of various organizations,aims at providing a platform for strategic policy dialogue for sharing Shari'ah principles with regard to developing the ethical dimensions of commercial segments of the society"
Sheikh Aboobaker Ahemd
 Founder-Chairman, markaz excellency club
A framework set to help you become the architect for change at any level beyond imaginations and this is the only way to people follow perfect practice. A radical rethink about how you lead. structure, and manage business, both trade and investment according to Islamic directives. This how we can alter ourselves to ensure that we send a message to our society that we are doing the right thing
Dr. M.A. Hakkim Azhari
 Founder-Co-Chairman, markaz excellency club
Considering the key endeavor of Markaz Excellency Club a step forward to the probable multi-dimensional positive stimulus of Islamic banking on Indian economy advancing a genuine economic need of the nation instead of considering it a religious, social or political issue
C. Muhammed Faizy
 Chairman Shariah Business Advisory Council, markaz excellency club
Markaz Excellency Club promoting cooperation, knowledge sharing and partnership in alleviating the ethical challenges thus facilitating the community's orderly development, competitiveness and stability in the future world.
Padmashri. M.A. Yusuf Ali
  Managing Director - Emke Group & Lulu International Member
  Prime Ministers Global Advisory Council
Markaz Excellency Club is aimed to be an intellectual hub for the elite men of new knowledge; the chance to collaborate with like-minded people and the opportunity to transfer ideas into real-world applications.
Shri. Yenepoya Abdulla Kunhi
  Chairman &Managing Director, Yenepoya group
  Chancellor, Yenepoya University
Markaz Excellency club a remarkable move to multi dimensional growth potentials and identifying key challenges of the ethical commercial exercise in an integrated manner with the access of poor to the resources.
Dr. P Mohamed Ali
 Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, Gulphar Group
 Founder Chairman - Oman Petroleum Alliance
Great minds have purposes. Sheikh Aboobaker always keeps an element of surprise up his sleeve: is what he repeatedly does, keeps us excited and breathless by his farsighted idiosyncratic visions and do expect more than others think is possible. Indeed Markaz Excellence Club catalyst integrating Corporate • then, is not an act. but an attitude
A.P. Abdul Karim
 Chairman APCO Group